With the water tank and back deck sorted, the grass growing and our plans approved by Council just before Christmas, we could officially get started on the build!

Zane and his brother-in-law Wade laid out the profiles for the new lounge and marked where the foundation piles would be put in. Simon Everson from Everson Contracting Ltd came in to drill the holes under the supervision of our builder Clement and as we watched the columns of dirt being lifted from the ground we were once again struck by the quality of the soil we have here.

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Over the past six months we have noticed the abundance of healthy wildlife we see here such as bees, butterflies, skinks, hedgehogs, bush cockroaches (yuck!) and native birds including wood pigeons. The trees we have planted also seem to be growing like triffids! It’s been such a bonus to find a property in our ideal location and to find that it has beautiful soil. Consequently, as the builders and tradespeople have done their jobs (and, I must say, done well at cleaning up after themselves). We have kept a close eye on the soil around the site to make sure it is not spoilt by thoughtless discarding of building materials, cigarette butts, and other inorganic building debris. Oh, and by the way, the plum trees did their thing and produced a bumper crop of Christmas plums this year!

Plum tree

The next job to be tackled was setting up the garage slab. Justin and his team from Planet Concrete did this as an all-in-one concrete pour. The whole idea of this method is to do away with an extra two inspections and eliminate the need for a block layer. It’s both exciting and nerve wracking getting to the concreting stage – a great feeling that comes with progress and the permanence of laying a new foundation, combined with the stress of wondering whether you’ve got all your measurements correct. With the concrete poured successfully the build upwards could get underway.

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