With the foundations complete, building work has been concentrated at the back of the house where the new lounge is going. Bearers and joists were put in and then the floor was laid. Whilst things progressed outside we busied ourselves inside with packing up house again. It dawned on us that we would soon have to be out of the house to let demolition start indoors.

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Whilst waiting for the frames to arrive the builders got busy replacing the fascia’s on the original part of the house as they had been severely damaged from the sun. As the men went around the house they checked for rot in the rafters and thankfully only had to replace two ends.

It was another big milestone for us the day the frames arrived, however our excitement was short lived as we realised we would need a small army to get them lifted into place; so a small army was exactly what we arranged. At 7am the next morning we got all available hands on deck to stand the frames. The extreme weight of the frames was due to the height of the stud, the length of the lintels, and the fact that the frames were made to accommodate the extra insulation using 140 x 45 framing, and nogs at 480 centres for the castellated cavity battens to fix to. After a few tense moments and a bit of brute force, the frames were stood, squared and braced.

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Now we have some form and depth of space to enjoy as the frames have brought our one dimensional plans to life. We can now imagine furnishings and people in these spaces and see how the sunlight enters the rooms.post 3_2

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