There are 100 points allocated amongst the various categories of Homestar. In addition, up to 5 extra points can be awarded for innovative proposals which are not otherwise covered by the categories.  Our project has been awarded 4 innovation points so far (there is another in the pipeline) we look at these below:

Car Charger. The inclusion of a dedicated car charger in the garage means that when our homeowners and the technology are ready, it will be an easy transition from a traditional car to a more environmentally friendly electric car. As a bonus – the electricity used will be from the PV panels, so it will be totally free!


Cycle Parking. Space for all four of the family’s bikes has been provided in the garage. These spaces have been designed so that it is easy for everyone to get their bikes in and out; this means that using bikes is a convenient transport option.


Wall Framing. As discussed in our post on renovating with Homestar, we have adapted the existing wall framing by adding a 45mm cavity. This has provided many benefits – our thermal performance increased markedly due to the extra space for insulation, and it meant we were able to retain much of the existing framing. The extra space also provided an area to insulate the existing slab edge.

Wall constructionInformation Sharing. This blog has gained us an innovation point as we share the lessons we’ve learnt and methods we’ve used. Sharing our experience will help others who are considering Homestar – hopefully it already has!


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