One category under Homestar™ is Waste; this category looks at both how waste is dealt with during construction and during the daily running of the completed home.

Construction – A Site Waste Management Plan was developed for us by green gorilla. Their target for our project is over 90% diversion from landfill, this gains us full points under the WST-1 and 2 credits. The great thing about using this system is that all waste is collected as normal in skip bags, no sorting is required by the contractors. Once the bag is full, green gorilla takes it away to be sorted and recycled at their facility.

green gorilla

Beyond – The WST-3 and 4 credits focus on waste management once the house is complete, it’s as simple as providing recycling and composting facilities for the home. In the kitchen we have included a double bin drawer to make recycling as easy as throwing things in the bin. We’ll also have a small container to collect compost. Outside the home we have a bin area large enough to take two kerbside bins, and are using the family’s existing compost bins. Again, we have been able to achieve full points under these credits.compost

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