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At Harrisons Energy we’re proud to be working alongside Zane in his inspirational project to turn a 50-year-old house from a two-star Homestar rated home to a nine-star eco-home.

We’re excited to be part of the renovation because Zane’s passion to create one of the county’s ultimate environmentally-friendly homes ties in precisely with Harrisons Energy’s commitment to help provide high-performance and comfortable Kiwi homes using the latest solar technology.

By choosing to renovate a home built originally in 1967, Zane has shown that creating a future-proof building needn’t mean starting from scratch. Rather, his choice to install LG 285W solar panels and a SolarEdge inverter sets the home up for immediate cost savings while also providing the perfect foundation package on which to continue to build as solar technology progresses. The system he has chosen will gain 8 credits in the ‘EHC-5 – Renewable Energy’ category for Homestar.

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By combining clever design with the latest technology, the home is able to harness the power of the sun both passively via a glazed north and west-facing entertaining area and actively via photovoltaic solar panels for electricity and solar panel water heating.

And by choosing the ideal products for his build it’s easy to see how Zane can earn his Homestar Energy Health and Comfort credit for renewable energy.

Harrisons Energy chose to work with world-leading solar innovators LG Solar because of their more than half a century’s worth of trusted experience in the field. Zane can be confident that his panels will last the sometimes harsh New Zealand conditions and maintain an efficient power rating for the next quarter century thanks to LG’s 12-year product warranty and power warranty that guarantees generation of up to 90% over 12 years and 80% over 25 years.

The biggest leaps in solar technology are coming in the field of battery storage, which allows a home to harvest power during the daytime and then have it ready for those early evening and morning usage peaks. Within the next 20 years, it’s expected that home-based battery storage will become the norm.

So by using a SolarEdge inverter, Zane not only gets a system which monitors and regulates the power output from his panels, but is also perfectly and purposefully designed to fit in with a battery storage system when he wants to install one in the future.

We’re excited that Zane has chosen to incorporate solar-generated power into his project and wish him all the best in his quest to build an inspirational, energy-efficient and comfortable Kiwi home.


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