Water is essential for living but not all water is good/pure. At “Aqua” we believe that with “Better Technology” we can achieve “Better Water”.

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Initially we look at the water source, which with this project is Tank Water off the roof, and the basic rule with Water Filtration is the more stages the better.

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First we address the water before it gets into the tank with an Aqua Diverter – we can ensure all the debris and waste from the roof and gutters don’t find their way into the tank.

Next we Filter/Sterilise all the water at the point of entry to the home with an “Aqua Guard” ensuring all your water is not only clean but it will be safe to drink – free of Giardia/crypto,  E. coli and other nasty bugs.

Inside the home you can monitor your water usage wirelessly with an “Aqua Smart” tank level indicator which has a visual LED display, to indicate water level i.e. percentage full and approximate number of days of usage left. This is great when you have those teenagers that love to meditate for what seems a lifetime in the shower as the visual reminder can help change our thinking/behaviour about how we use our most precious resource on earth or to avoid having to fork out a few hundred dollars on water delivery.

Finally, we like to polish the water with an “Aqua Filter” right at the point of use to ensure great tasting water because in short if we like it we will drink more of it and water is essential for a healthy lifestyle.

We have a saying at Aqua – “if you don’t have a filter you are the filter!”

Visit www.aqua.co.nz for more information.


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