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The Fireplace has supplied the Homestar Project with the Stovax “Riva Studio 2” wood burning fireplace. The fireplace is set to be a major feature of the sunken living room, flanked on either side by views to the garden, which will be full of native planting.  As it is a clean burning and efficient heat source the fireplace is more than sufficient as the only source of heating required in the home. The heat produced by it will be distributed by our heat recovery ventilation system throughout the home. This has contributed to our high rating for the EHC-1 credit: Space heating.

As you may be aware,  Auckland as well as some other regions of New Zealand are governed  by clean Air  Regulations, quoted below from the National Environment Standards website

“The National Environmental Standards for Air Quality (NES) are regulations made under the Resource Management Act 1991 which aim to set a guaranteed minimum level of health protection for all New Zealanders.

Design standards for wood burners are fundamental to improving ambient (outdoor) air quality in urban areas of New Zealand. The NES requires that all wood burners installed on properties less than 2 hectares must have discharge of less than 1.5 grams of particulate for each kilogram of dry wood burnt, and a thermal efficiency of at least 65 per cent.”

The Riva Studio 2 fireplace has been “clean air” approved as it has a discharge of only 1g/Kg, as well as a minimum efficiency rating of 65%.



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