Existing House


We asked Zane some questions about what it was like to live in his home in its current state. Here is what he had to say:


What are the main reasons behind wanting to change your current home ?

We had come from a house that had been renovated approximately ten years ago which was comfortable. Since moving into the new house, our girls and my wife and I have been the sickest that I can ever remember, with constant colds and sickness. We have vistied the doctors more this year than we have in the past ten.

As well as the reason for well being, we have decided that this house will be our forever home and we were looking at how we can become as energy efficient as possible.


What is is like living in the current home as it is?

As well as the sickness mentioned above, it is Very cold. As soon as the sun goes down it is near impossible to warm the home.


What is high on the priority list for changes to your home?

Warmth and Insulation. This will be a great summer house, but winter has been tough. Tough to the point where I have had to sleep with a hoodie on and my two girls aged five and two have had to wear woolly hats to bed.


What would be the ultimate result for your home?

To become as energy efficient as possible.