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The Homestar rating tool is about a home being eco-friendly, in addition it rates the performance and how comfortable the home will be to live in.

We consider the tool a real benefit to the home owner and the community. We have always strived to design and build better homes, but without a clear and simple way of showing what good design can achieve it can be hard to appreciate the smaller details that make a good design great.
We now have a registered Homestar Assessor and are using some of the ideas and systems in all our designs, not just those being Homestar rated.
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Homestar was developed by the New Zealand Green Building Council in partnership with BRANZ, Beacon Pathway and various experts in sustainability and building science. Homestar does not endorse particular products or brands. However we do want to make it easy for you to connect with some of our partners who we think can help you improve your home with independently tested or rated solutions.
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