Proposed House

This renovation has been designed with its occupants and the environment in mind, this renovation will take it from a being a 2 to an 8 or  9-star rated Homestar™ home. This means that it will be a warm, dry, healthy home which is also energy efficient!

One key to energy efficient design is harnessing the power of nature; this is done here through the use of large glazed areas to the North and West which bring in warmth, as well as photovoltaic solar panels for electricity and solar panel water heating.

To enjoy the outdoors, there is a large entertaining area to the North and West. It consists of the deck which has both sheltered and exposed areas, as well as a lawn with plenty of space to play, and lots of bushy native garden.

To keep the home warm ad healthy, there is an integrated ventilation and heat recovery system. This system warms the fresh outdoor air as it enters the home and is ducted into all the living spaces. When  extra heating is needed in winter, the ducted fireplace not only warms the living room but carries the heat throughout the home, this heat is then trapped inside by a substantial amount of insulation – made from recycled PET bottles – as well as thermally designed windows and doors.

Not only will this home be energy efficient, it’ll also be easy and safe to use thanks to its 5-star Lifemark™ rating (pending). The independent Lifemark™ rating is awarded to homes which are useable or adaptable for use by the elderly and disabled, as well as being safe and user friendly for all.