Harrisons – Supplier of solar panels



Timspec Logo 2


Timspec – Supplier of all black butt decking – FSC certified






Epic 360 – Earthworks Contractors





Placemakers – Supplier of building materials




Mammoth Insulation – Supplier of all Insulation – CarboNZero certified



Hazardco Logo Main


Hazard Co – On site health and safety



Abodo Logo Main


Abodo – Supplier of thermally modified timber cladding – FSC certified





GIB – Supplier of all internal plaster board – Greentag certified



PFF Logo Main


PFP09 – Supplier of our in ground polymer water tank



Ecoply Logo


Ecoply – Supplier of ecoply underlay – this is FSC certified



Resenes Logo


Resene – Supplier of all internal and external paints and stains – Environmental Choice certified


Green Gorilla Logo

Green Gorilla – On site waste management and recycling



Vantage Logo WS


Vantage Aluminium – Supplier of all thermally broken aluminium windows and doors


The Fireplace Logo WS


The Fireplace – Supplier of the Riva Studio 2 gas fireplace



Rheem Logo WS



Rheem – Supplier of all hot water systems




Harrisons – Supplier of carpets



Classical Doors Logo WS


Classical doors ltd – Supplier of internal doors



Schlage Logo WS


Schlage – Supplier of door hardware



Simx Logo WS


Simx – Supplier of home ventilation



Aqua DIrect Logo WS


Aqua Direct – Supplier of water filter



Marley Logo WS


Marley – Supplier of drainage/spouting products



JamesHardie Logo WS


James Hardie – Supplier of soffit linings



Buildology Logo 2


Buildology Ltd – Designers and Homestar assessors



Zane Raphael – Builder and Project Managers. Owner Zane is also the homeowner